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  • Tires, Tires, Tires

    Reading the comments on tires it reminded me of a couple of conversations
    I have had over the last couple of months. Helimech makes some very good points
    and some very real information. Over the years, being involved in racing
    talking to many knowledgeable folks, tires are not something to fool with.

    Length of life and tread depth are fine for the family grocery getter or
    the daily commuter but not so great for performance cars. Knowing your use and how you
    drive matters, a lot!

    When looking for tires keep this in mind, all kinds of numbers including when they were made can help.
    Older they are, the harder they are, even if never on a car. The higher performance ratings the faster
    they lose grip.

    Couple of examples, you buy a high performance tire today, you drive 4000km this summer and do a little spirited driving.
    Store for the winter, bring car out next year, inspect, do once over and go for a spin, little spirited drive on your favourite twisty's
    and you can be in trouble. Regardless of tread depth, they will lose as much as 30-40% of grip levels in one year.

    As helimech stated, heat cycles, maybe parking lots events or even spirited driving once in awhile effects the life span of grip.
    Maybe not tread life, but grip. My tires are extremely high performance, still would have passed safety inspection.
    but are outright dangerous. Knowing this, I changed my tires.

    I realize for all of us cost of running cars is a factor, tires are not cheap, so choosing the right one for your car and how you drive is key.
    If you want life, buy a lesser level performance ratings will give you longer life and a lesser loss of traction.
    If you like grip and some quick driving, then be prepared to replace tires more often.

    I am sure others can comment and give examples, a few may have questions. this is a thread that can benefit many.
    As much as we enjoy our cars being safe should always be paramount.

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    2016 GT350R
    5.2 Flat plane crank V-8

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    Great info, I did notice with my MT UHP tires that the second year seemed to not have the rear grip as it did , I thought it was just cooler tempts but they did not improve with the weather . I just got a new set again this year's and it's quite noticeable even to touch with your hand , they feel softer and more stick .. I'm not to the level of tires you have but still noticed.. Thanks
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      here is a tire calculator for anyone changing wheel or tires sizes.
      helps make sure you get it right for speedo etc
      Tire Size Calculator
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      2016 GT350R
      5.2 Flat plane crank V-8


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        It’s all about balance - and being honest about your intended use. I like corners but can’t afford to go that fast so I pick a compromise between performance and life and drive within the limits I’ve agreed to. Next tire set will likely be more life based than full performance as my car tends to be out earlier and later in the season and the temperature change can really teach you a lesson quickly even in a relatively low power car like mine .