New profile posts

hi Mike.
I guess the guys are getting a bunch of emails any time anyone does something, I suspect it is in the setting,
You can read about it in admin thread, could you take a look at it.
Hi Fred, Just got some sad news that Phil Ells Jr. Was killed on a four wheeler this afternoon,wanted you to know as you had good memories with him and the family


Looking good, seems to be working fine today.
Still doesn't load my latest posts, not sure if just me or everyone.
the posts exist, just not put at top of page, as latest.
make sure you tie the block and the ramp together. I use a ratchet strap.
Do you have all four blocks, if so use the two with the board stops not the ones with the 24 stops. You want the top of the ramp and the top of the block as even as you can, so as to not puch the block ahead. That why I suggest to tie them together. I hand no issue with my car.
Laughed last night Jason. After I logged off , I was logged in as You ? That was my sign to call it a night and watch TV,
hi again :)
It seems the signature box is missing from profile, so people can create a sig?
I went to adjust mine and couldn't fine, but my sig is still their.
take a look.
From the profile page.

Edit Settings, Account. About 1/2 way down the page there is a small link that says EDIT POST SIGNATURE. All registered users can put a signature up that way. You have elevated privileges that allow you to do it form the admin panel. A little more control from there.